Trump, Mattis, Cohen and Syria

December 23, 2018

Steve and Jim review a new whiskey (Angel's Envy Rye) and talk about the latest in the world of politics. Enjoy...




Hemp, Hart, Trump, Cohen, Stormy and Whiskey

December 16, 2018

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to review Wellers 107 Bourbon and to discuss the passage of the Farm Bill (legalizing industrial hemp). We also talk about the latest in politics including Michael Cohen being sentenced, Trump/Pelosi and Schumer have a meeting, Stormy Daniels being ordered to pay Trump's legal fees, Ben Shapiro continuing his tantrum about the success of Black Panther, more on Kevin Hart and a Texas Court ruling regarding medical cannabis and guns. Enjoy.




A Chat with Kevin Dixie

December 12, 2018

Kevin Dixie of NOC (No Other Choice) Firearms Training calls in to chat with Steve and Jim about his experiences as a Second Amendment Advocate. Mr. Dixie is an advocate for firearms owners while also advocating for underserved citizens and human rights and dignity. There are not a lot of polite conversations between people with differing views on this subject, so enjoy this one.

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Trump, UN, CNN, Hemp and Whiskey

December 9, 2018

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to review Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon and discuss recent events related to the White House (including the pending departure of Gen. John Kelly). We also talk about James Fields being convicted of murder (the Charlottesville guy), the UN chooses not to label Hamas as a terrorist organization and legalizing the cultivation of hemp is on the House floor. Also, Kevin Hart and the Oscars...enjoy.

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Bonus Episode: Amber Guyger, Kareem Hunt and Whiskey

December 6, 2018

Steve and Jim start the show having already had a few and the whiskey kept flowing (as will be very obvious). We talk about Amber Guyger (the former Dallas Police Officer who shot a man in his own home) being formally charged with murder. We also talk about the incident involving former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt and generally goof around and drink whiskey. Enjoy


Angel’s Envy, Trump, Proud Boys and Baker Mayfield

December 2, 2018

Steve and Jim review Angel's Envy Bourbon. We also discuss our Thanksgiving weeks, the anniversary of the JFK Assassination, Trump and Saudi Arabia, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort and Gavin McInnes' tearful departure from the Proud Boys. We also talk a little about Ohio, specifically the closing of the GM plant in Lordstown and the actions of Baker Mayfield after beating the Bengals and his former coach Hue Jackson. 

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Trump and Criminal Justice Reform, Acosta Law Suit and RIP Stan Lee

November 18, 2018

Steve and Jim review Colonel E H Taylor Small Batch Bourbon (Bottled In Bond) and we discuss the criminal justice reform bill proposed by the Trump Administration in addition the lawsuit filed by CNN to restore Jim Acosta's White House Credential. We also talk about the shooting of Illinois Security Guard Jemel Roberson, the LeVeon Bell situation and the passing of the great Stan Lee. Enjoy...

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Thousand Oaks, Election, Acosta and Serial Podcast

November 11, 2018

Steve and Jim review a new whiskey and discuss the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks California as well as the midterm election results, the ousting of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Jim Acosta's press credentials being revoked following the Presidential press conference. We also talk about the legalization of cannabis (see, we aren't calling it marijuana anymore) in neighboring Michigan and the impact of the Serial Podcast on Jim's voting decisions. Enjoy...

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Heavy Things, Pittsburgh, Blexit, Kanye and Megyn Kelly

November 4, 2018

Steve and Jim talk about Steve's charity powerlifting meet, the shooting in Pittsburgh, Kanye and his Candice Owen/Tomi Lahren squabble regarding BLEXIT (Black exit of the Democratic Party), Trump and the Caravan "scare" plus Megyn Kelly's departure from NBC and the Al Roker Halloween costume backlash "outrage".  We also start with a review of Black Dog Scotch style whiskey (from India). Enjoy...Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @WhiskeyCongress 

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Mail Bomber, Megyn Kelly and the Serial Podcast

October 28, 2018

Steve and Jim are together to review Lusty Claw Bourbon. We also discuss the attempted mail bombings and the political nature of violence, Megyn Kelly and the "black face" debate, the new season of the Serial podcast based on the Cleveland Court System and a little sports talk.