Put It In Neutral

December 18, 2017

Steve and Jim review Rabbit Hole Bourbon, Net Neutrality, Trump and the FBI, Putin praises Trump, Trump nominates a curious choice for a federal judgeship, why do we care about the Royal Wedding, Rodney Anderson falesly accused, Lonzo and LeBron have a chat, Robin Roberts drops a "bye Felicia"on Omarosa and Steve is off to watch Star Wars "The Last Jedi".


Sweet Home Alabama

December 14, 2017

Steve and Jim are in the studio to discuss the Senatorial race following the defeat of Roy Moore in Alabama's Special Election, the impact of black voters in the election, Stephen K Bannon's post defeat status, the Russia Investigation and the Department of Justice/FBI snafu, Omarosa leaves the White House, five senators call for Trump to step down. Plus an update on the One Chip Challenge.


West By God

December 10, 2017

Steve and Jim discuss Jim's recent hunting trip to West Virginia, Mike Wood's new book, the One Chip Challenge results, Sharon Reed, NFL protests, Al Franken resigning, Roy Moore and the upcoming cases in the Supreme court. 


Power Of Protest…89 Million Reasons

December 3, 2017

Steve and Jim review Eagle Rare Bourbon. Jim responds to his friend's challenge to eat a Carolina Reaper tortilla chip on the air. Steve and Jim discuss the Trump retweets of the British Nationalist Anti-Muslim tweets. We also discuss the immigration issues facing the US, Canada and Europe. Trump questions the validity of the Access Hollywood tapes that he had previously apologized for. The NFL steps up its role in improving community/police relations to the tune of 89 million dollars.



November 29, 2017

Steve calls in to discuss the mysterious death of a Baltimore Police Officer, the latest news regarding sexual misconduct related to John Conyers and Roy Moore, the bizarre stories surrounding Texas Representative Joe Barton and Wes Goodman. Trump wants to have a "fake news" contest involving his least favorite critics of our favorite president (his words) and Trump making reference to Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas" while honoring the Navajo code talkers. 


The Broad Brush

November 27, 2017

Steve and Jim discuss their Thanksgiving holiday experiences and review another whiskey (Chivas Regal 12). The LaVar Ball vs Trump twitter war. Is Lena Dunham a hypocritical limosine liberal? Steve and Jim have serious disagreements about the characterization of the various allegations of harrassment and sexual misconduct most notably related to Al Franken. 

Please take a look at friend of the show Michael Wood Jr's new book (see link below).




The UCLA Three

November 20, 2017

Steve and Jim are back in the studio to talk about the latest with Roy Moore, Sean Hannity's fanbase, the UCLA 3, Lebron in New York and the tweet from Peter Vecsey. Also the Meek Mill sentencing (see YouTube for Steve's pre-show commentary). The show was recorded before Al Franken's transgressions were made pubilc. Go to our YouTube channel for comments on that situation. Reach out to us on twitter @WhiskeyCongress or Instagram WhiskeyCongress. Email us Jim@whiskeycongress.com or Steve@whiskeycongress.com  Cheers. 


Men Behaving Badly

November 14, 2017

Steve and Jim discuss a new whiskey and a change in the scoring scale before moving on to the avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations including Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Piven and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Steve drops a little shocker about Trump's pre-flight weigh in. 

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Knocked The F Out

November 12, 2017

Steve and Jim talk about the recent elections, the mass shooting in a Texas church, tensions between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Trump's Asia trip, Josh Gordon's return to the NFL, the death of Roy Halliday and the current state of boxing. And yes, there is another whiskey review.


Sports and Whiskey

November 7, 2017

After the conversation with Michael Wood Jr, Steve and Jim review Larceny Bourbon and talk about the NFL and other funny topics including a woman getting a DUI...while riding a horse.