John McCain, Trump, NFL and Politicizing Tragedy

August 26, 2018

Steve and Jim drink Cleveland Underground Sugar Maple Wood Bourbon and discuss the passing of Senator John McCain, Manfort convicted, Cohen pleads guilty, NFL anthem protests and The Ohio State University's handling of the Urban Meyer situation.


Omarosa, Alex Jones, Trump and Whiskey

August 19, 2018

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland Studio to discuss Omarosa and the Trump Team, Alex Jones getting kicked off social media platforms, the death of Aretha Franklin and the Fox News Faux Paus, Trump vs the Press, Fires in California and Arizona and the Maryland football scandal and of course, we have a whiskey to review and another segment of Come At Me Bro.


Let’s Talk Comedy

August 12, 2018

Steve and Jim review another beer from Dave in Philly and then we take a break from the news of the day and talk about our favorite comics. We each talk about our five favorites and some of the choices may surprise you. Enjoy.


Racist Encounter, Manafort Trial, Urban Meyer and TO

August 5, 2018

Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland studio to discuss a racist incident in Powell OH. We also talk about the Paul Manafort trial and it's impact on the Trump Administration. The situation with Urban Meyer at The Ohio State University and Terrell Owens' decision not to accept his Hall of Fame nomination in Canton, OH. And of course, there is a new whiskey, this time it's Stagg Jr Bourbon. 


Political Correctness, James Gunn, Sacha Baron Cohen and Whiskey

July 29, 2018

Steve and Jim review Abner Doubleday Bourbon and talk about the current PC witchhunt culture including Roseanne Barr and James Gunn. We also talk about Sacha Baron Cohen's recent "interviews" and the political key jingling that distracts us from important issues like the environment and endangered species. We also talk about a few Netflix series' that we recommended to one another. Enjoy. Please email and comment on twitter:





Trumpless. That’s right a Trump Free Show

July 22, 2018

Steve and Jim continue a conversation from a previous episode and discuss Netflix series recommendations and other thoughts on prominent TV series. We also discuss the female entertainers that influenced us the most in a Top 5 of all time format. Let's be honest, we don't need to beat the Trump/Russia Summit into the ground any more than it already has bee. Enjoy. If you want to share your thoughts with us please tweet @whiskeycongress or email us: or  


Port Askaig, Steve vs Larry Elder, Papa John’s and Stormy Arrested

July 15, 2018

Steve and Jim sample two offerings from the Port Askaig Scotch Distillery and talk about Steve's twitter exchange with Larry Elder and Orrin Hatch regarding the impacts of slavery and the SCOTUS. We also talk about Papa John's former CEO John Schnatter dropping an N-Bomb in a teleconference and the arrest of Stormy Daniels in Columbus and the bigger picture associated with politics and policing. Enjoy. Please give us a rating on iTunes and feel free to reach out to us on Twitter: @whiskeycongress or email us at:


Haqppy 4th, New Whiskey, Alex Jones and Bye LeBron

July 8, 2018

Steve and Jim review a new whiskey (Basil Hayden Dark Rye). We also talk about our 4th of July experiences, Alex Jones' claim that the left is plotting a second civil war, Steve makes a correction about his Supreme Court comments from last week, Scott Pruitt resigns, we bid farewell to LeBron and another installment of Come At Me Bro...enjoy.



Annapolis, Justice Kennedy Retires, Terey Crews Testifies and More

July 1, 2018

Steve and Jim sample a new beer (Monk from Manayunk Brewing Company) and a new whiskey (OYO Michelone Reserve Bourbon) while discussing the charges against East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld for killing Antwan Rose. We also talk about the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the mass shooting in Annapolis Maryland and Terry Crews' testimony regarding the Me Too movement. We also talk some sports and have another installment of Come at Me Bro. Enjoy. Please give us a rating on iTunes and feel free to reach out to us. 



Refugees, Antwan Rose and White Civil Rights Rally

June 24, 2018

Steve and Jim discuss the refugee crisis, the fatal shooting of Antwan Rose in East Pittsburgh and the proposed "White Civil Rights" rally being planned in Washington DC. We also review another beer from our friend Dave in Philly and a new whiskey.