Thousand Oaks, Election, Acosta and Serial Podcast

November 11, 2018

Steve and Jim review a new whiskey and discuss the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks California as well as the midterm election results, the ousting of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Jim Acosta's press credentials being revoked following the Presidential press conference. We also talk about the legalization of cannabis (see, we aren't calling it marijuana anymore) in neighboring Michigan and the impact of the Serial Podcast on Jim's voting decisions. Enjoy...

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Heavy Things, Pittsburgh, Blexit, Kanye and Megyn Kelly

November 4, 2018

Steve and Jim talk about Steve's charity powerlifting meet, the shooting in Pittsburgh, Kanye and his Candice Owen/Tomi Lahren squabble regarding BLEXIT (Black exit of the Democratic Party), Trump and the Caravan "scare" plus Megyn Kelly's departure from NBC and the Al Roker Halloween costume backlash "outrage".  We also start with a review of Black Dog Scotch style whiskey (from India). Enjoy...Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @WhiskeyCongress 

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Mail Bomber, Megyn Kelly and the Serial Podcast

October 28, 2018

Steve and Jim are together to review Lusty Claw Bourbon. We also discuss the attempted mail bombings and the political nature of violence, Megyn Kelly and the "black face" debate, the new season of the Serial podcast based on the Cleveland Court System and a little sports talk.


Live On Political Storm

October 21, 2018

Steve and Jim discuss politics on the Political Storm platform. We talk about President Trump's handling of the Jamal Khashoggi ordeal, Elizabeth Warren's DNA test, white woman stopping a black resident in his apartment building (and subsequently getting fired), Roseanne and the debut of The Connors and Canada legalizes recreational cannabis. 


Does Jim Have TDS? Mike Wood Jr Says Yes

October 18, 2018

As we promised in our last episode, here it is...Mike Wood Jr joins Jim by phone to give him the Trump Derangement Syndrome quiz (then Mike takes it himself). We also discuss Mike's facebook post where he likens Wakanda to Nazi Germany (hear him out) and plenty more...Enjoy.




Kanye Loves Trump, Guilty Verdict in Chicago and CBD Oil

October 14, 2018

Steve and Jim talk about a personal incident that occurred this week while drinking 1792 Small Batch Bourbon. We also talk about Jason Van Dyke being convicted for the murder of Laquan McDonald. Kanye's visit to the White House along with Jom Brown, the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, Nikki Haley resigns and we also talk about our use of CBD oil and the craziness of laws related to it. Enjoy.

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Kanye and Kavanaugh

October 7, 2018

Steve and Jim are together in the upgraded Cleveland Studio to discuss Kanye West on SNL, Brett Kavanaugh and how to handle allegations (plus whiskey and football talk). 


Kavanaugh, Cosby, Black Panther and Whiskey

September 30, 2018

Steve and Jim try a new whiskey (cask strength Barrell Bourbon) in the recently upgraded studio. Things get heated as we talk about Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Trump at the UN. Bill Cosby goes to prison and Jim finally watched Black Panther, so we have to talk about that as well.


Judge Kavanaugh plus Behind The Scenes

September 23, 2018

Jim reviews Ten High Bourbon and discusses his article about potential Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. There was a lot of content with Mike Wood Jr. last week that we did not release until now. First, you hear Mike and Jim discuss media bias and do some pre-show preparation. Then we have the conversation before the recording of last week's second episode (by this point the whiskey was flowing). Enjoy.

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Elon Musk, Trump Derangement Syndrome And Kyle Greene…Who?

September 19, 2018

Steve and Jim continue talking to Michael Wood Jr about Tesla and Elon Musk, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Hurricane responses, Kyle Greene drops an N-bomb in a political Ad and more. Keep in mind that we recorded this immediately after Steve and Jim had been drinking Bookers Whiskey and Mike was enjoying his favorite strain.