Political Storm Meets Whiskey Congress

March 18, 2018

Pat Greer from Political Storm calls in to discuss the latest shakeups in the White House, St Patricks's Day, the national school walkout, Sessions (ok Trump) fires Andrew McCabe, NRA, University of Virginia loses in the first round and Jim throws in a little NFL breaking news.


Cohn Leaves White House, Stormy Daniels, Trump, Bills Trade Tyrod, NFL And Pharma Bro.

March 11, 2018

Steve and Jim discuss the latest White House shakeup (the departure of Trump's chief economic advisor Gary Cohn), tariffs, Stormy Daniels, Stacy Dash running for Congress and then the show is interrupted by the news that Tyrod Taylor had been traded from the Buffalo Bills to the Cleveland Browns. Jim’s reacts and the show takes a turn to football before finishing with discussion about “Pharma-Bro” Martin Shkreli.


Oscars, Trump, Deadpool, Sessions, Reset, NFL Combine..Get Out

March 6, 2018

Steve and Jim catch up after a crazy weekend and a lot of news including politics, news, Trump, the White House Deadpool competition, Steve's power lifting meet in Columbus, Jim's travels to North Carolina, the Oscars, politics and the NFL combine including Lamar Jackson potentially trying out as a wide receiver...lots to catch up on folks.  


BoycottNRA, Black Panther On Hold and NCAA vs FBI

February 26, 2018

Steve and Jim discuss the NRA and the corporate backlash following the Parkland Florida shooting, Steve's plans to see Black Panther get disrupted by a death in the family, NCAA is dealing with the FBI (and it isn't going well). But first, we review the elusive and wonderful Blanton's Bourbon. Enjoy and please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @whiskeycongress 


It’s Complicated

February 18, 2018

Steve and Jim review Talisker Storm Scotch Whiskey, we discuss the Florida High School shooting with regards to the media and social media reaction and the misguided effort to over simplify a complex issue. The release of Black Panther and the social media hoaxes about black on white violence. Laura Ingraham's criticism of LeBron James' and Kevin Durant's remarks about the President, a Russia Investigation update and a little NFL talk...enjoy.


Trump Free Zone (Almost)

February 11, 2018

We review a new whiskey. Steve is caught in a lie about whiskey procurement. We talk about the Quincy Jones interview in Vulture magazine, the pending debut of Black Panther, superhero workouts, Rob Porter (not Portman), race and NFL quarterbacking, the Winter Olymics and the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan story (because of the film I Tonya).


Superbowl Sunday Part 2

February 5, 2018

After calling in, Steve drops in to the Cleveland Studio to discuss Russell Westbrook shoving a fan that confronted him on the court after a game. We also talk about the NFL Hall of Fame class especially Randy Moss and Terrell Owens (including Jim's personal beef with Skip Bayless regarding his lack of ethics in reporting on TO. We make our Superbowl predictions and drink a little more whiskey too.


Superbowl Sunday Part 1

February 5, 2018

Steve and Jim connect to talk about an incident between a young woman and the police in Lakewood Ohio (where they both used to live). They also talk about "The Memo" from California Representative Devin Nunes that made headlines and the contorversy about the Cleveland Indians/Major League Baseballs decision to remove the "Chief Wahoo" logo from official events. Superbowl Whiskey bet. More to come later today. Please enjoy this two part episode including NFL Hall Of Fame talk and Superbowl predictions.


Are You Not Entertained

January 28, 2018

One day removed from the Carolina Reaper Chip Challenge, Steve and Jim are back in studio to discuss the event (thank you Barley House) and then we get back into what we do...news, politics and race issues in America. We talk about the school shootings that occurred this week, Border Patrol arresting a man in Arizona for leaving food and water for migrants. Be prepared for Steve to have a meltdown about the pressures put on black men in America to join causes while their causes are ignored. Vermont legalizes pot without a referendum...yay. And then there is the Mo'Nique/Netflix situation.  Tune in and enjoy. 


Everyone’s To Blame

January 21, 2018

Steve and Jim review another whiskey at the Barley House in Downtown Cleveland. We also talk about the pending (now official) government shutdown, Steve Bannon being served with a court order, a shakeup in the Baltimore police department and the #MeToo movement particularly with regards to Aziz Ansari. Also Leonard Fornette's car being totaled by a Steelers fan (spoiler alert, it wasn't Steve).