Everyone’s To Blame

January 21, 2018

Steve and Jim review another whiskey at the Barley House in Downtown Cleveland. We also talk about the pending (now official) government shutdown, Steve Bannon being served with a court order, a shakeup in the Baltimore police department and the #MeToo movement particularly with regards to Aziz Ansari. Also Leonard Fornette's car being totaled by a Steelers fan (spoiler alert, it wasn't Steve).


What A Sh!thole

January 14, 2018

Our friend Mike Wood Jr calls in from LA to discuss the President's "shithole" remark, the problems with overly sensitive liberals, media and culture. The shooting of Daniel Shaver in Arizona and the subsequent acquittal of the officer who killed him. Followed by whether refusing to date a trans-sexual makes you a bigot...yeah, things got interesting.


Fire and Fury

January 7, 2018

Steve and Jim are together to talk about a new bourbon: The new book about the Trump tell all book Fire and Fury, Jefferson B. Sessions, the NFL Playoffs and the holiday season.


It’s The Holiday Season

December 31, 2017

Steve and Jim review a Scotch style whiskey made in Japan. Our Christmas holidays and related travel experiences. We also talk about the Trump Tax Bill, Steve Mnuchen's Christmas gift, the demise of ISIS and the NFL instant replay process and the NFL in general including the Patriots signing former Steeler James Harrison. Plus an update on the Chip Challenge. 


Movie Talk-Overrated-Underrated

December 24, 2017

Happy Holidays from Whiskey Congress. What better gift can we give our listeners during the holidays than to lighten up, drink some whiskey and have some fun. In this episode, Steve and Jim talk about movies. Specifically, we give three movies we consider to be underrated and overrated. Have a Merry Christmas and we will get back to politics, society and sports soon...Enjoy and as always thanks for listening. 


Put It In Neutral

December 18, 2017

Steve and Jim review Rabbit Hole Bourbon, Net Neutrality, Trump and the FBI, Putin praises Trump, Trump nominates a curious choice for a federal judgeship, why do we care about the Royal Wedding, Rodney Anderson falesly accused, Lonzo and LeBron have a chat, Robin Roberts drops a "bye Felicia"on Omarosa and Steve is off to watch Star Wars "The Last Jedi".


Sweet Home Alabama

December 14, 2017

Steve and Jim are in the studio to discuss the Senatorial race following the defeat of Roy Moore in Alabama's Special Election, the impact of black voters in the election, Stephen K Bannon's post defeat status, the Russia Investigation and the Department of Justice/FBI snafu, Omarosa leaves the White House, five senators call for Trump to step down. Plus an update on the One Chip Challenge.


West By God

December 10, 2017

Steve and Jim discuss Jim's recent hunting trip to West Virginia, Mike Wood's new book, the One Chip Challenge results, Sharon Reed, NFL protests, Al Franken resigning, Roy Moore and the upcoming cases in the Supreme court. 


Power Of Protest…89 Million Reasons

December 3, 2017

Steve and Jim review Eagle Rare Bourbon. Jim responds to his friend's challenge to eat a Carolina Reaper tortilla chip on the air. Steve and Jim discuss the Trump retweets of the British Nationalist Anti-Muslim tweets. We also discuss the immigration issues facing the US, Canada and Europe. Trump questions the validity of the Access Hollywood tapes that he had previously apologized for. The NFL steps up its role in improving community/police relations to the tune of 89 million dollars.



November 29, 2017

Steve calls in to discuss the mysterious death of a Baltimore Police Officer, the latest news regarding sexual misconduct related to John Conyers and Roy Moore, the bizarre stories surrounding Texas Representative Joe Barton and Wes Goodman. Trump wants to have a "fake news" contest involving his least favorite critics of our favorite president (his words) and Trump making reference to Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas" while honoring the Navajo code talkers.